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The Vision

  1. Brampton Downtown Has “Good Bones”
  2. Our Future Brampton
  3. Citizen’s Alliance of Canada for Change (CACC)
  4. The Original Vision of how the City Hall fits into the Downtown’s Redevelopment and Economic Revival of the Queen Street Corridor
  5. A City with a University sets Itself Apart
  6. Our Historic Buildings are Treasures Worth Saving in Brampton’s Downtown in the Gore
  7. Light Rail Transit (LRT) Will Someday Soon Connect Brampton to Missisauga, Caledon, and GO Transit to Toronto (PDF)
  8. A Riverwalk for Brampton’s Downtown (PDF – 19MB)
  9. An Artwalk for Brampton’s Downtown (PDF)
  10. A Historic Church (PDF)
  11. Historic Buildings are the Treasures of Brampton

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